It’s hard not to take redundancy personally even when you do see it coming. But the truth is in many cases redundancy can be a great opportunity to rediscover your skills, passions, and potential and explore job options that were previously never considered due to job security.

So how do you help your transitioning team to see the good in their redundancy while they are going through their transition period?

Remind them that the job that is redundant – not them!

Redundancy has a way of shaking a person’s confidence. It can feel like a personal rejection. That is why one of the best things you can do as an employer is to remind your transitioning employees (through words and actions) that it is the job that has been made redundant not them.

Reinforce their value by recognising their strengths and rewarding their contributions. The more they feel valued and supported by you, the more confident they will feel re-entering the job market.

Open their mind to career possibilities

People get stuck in their comfort zone. They get up, go to work, get paid, and life goes on. There is security in routine, but there are also limitations. In some cases, it means that people settle. They trade other goals and dreams to play it safe.

Help your transitioning team to think a little bigger and challenge the status quo they have set for themselves. Sometimes giving your team access to an external career coach can be the best way to do this. A career coach will be able to help them uncover their skills and passions and challenge them to think wider regarding career possibilities.

Customise their outplacement program

No two careers are the same – so why should all transitioning employees go through the same outplacement program?

If you are undergoing a significant restructure in your business you will find that some of your transitioning employees will want to find a similar job, some may want to upskill and go for a management position or change industries entirely, others may want to explore consulting work or entrepreneurship and some may use it as an opportunity to transition into retirement.

All of these different career moves require different information, training, and coaching. As an employer, you can help your transitioning employees greatly by offering them different options in outplacement programs that will help them towards achieving their next career goal.

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