Our Team

Introducing our executive team

Founded by one of Queensland’s most respected HR practitioners, our high performing, experienced team have a solid business background with expertise spanning organisational psychology, executive coaching, career coaching, recruitment, management consulting, outplacement and sales training.

Passionate about protecting your employment brand, these are the faces who will guide you through critical turning points in business, helping you manage your team, navigate career transition and maintain business continuity through periods of high change and growth.

In addition to our executive team below, we also have an extensive national network of highly experienced career coaches who will provide personalised career advice to your transitioning employees.

mark brand icc coach trainer

Mark Brand

Director and Principal Consultant

Mark Brand is a Director of Turning Point Partners and RavenHouse Asia Pacific, previous Director of Donington (QLD), and a highly experienced Business, HR and Sales Consultant.

With over 20 years experience in business development, career transition and performance management, Mark has helped some of the largest and most iconic brands in Australia including Virgin Australia, Thiess, Komatsu, Queensland Rail, Suncorp and several Australian Government agencies, through critical periods of transition and growth by managing change, optimising business performance, transitioning staff, and increasing sales.

Known for delivering fresh expertise, accurate insight, and best-practice processes, Mark is dedicated to helping businesses both large and small grow revenue and improve profits by engaging their staff, improving their service delivery and enhancing customer satisfaction in an ever changing business environment.

Mark is also on the Board of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation, which provides secondary education scholarships to Queensland ATSI students. The Board is appointed by the Queensland State Government and provides advice and governance to the State’s Public Trustee.

Trudi Woodhead

Trudi Woodhead

Project and Business Manager

Trudi is the Project and Business Manager at Turning Point Partners and an expert in customer service and relationship management.

With over ten years experience in client retention, business support and project management across a wide range of industries, Trudi inspires and motivates both staff and customers to reach their full potential, providing a warm, inclusive, respectful environment for working in.

Known for her bright ideas and uncompromising work ethic and integrity, Trudi brings her customer-centric focus and superior organisational ability to everything she does, from working on proposals and presentations, to managing clients, meetings, seminars and training events across the Turning Point Partners network.

When Trudi isn’t busy going above and beyond, she loves cooking, eating, catching up with friends and exploring the Queensland beaches with her British husband and children.

Stephen Harris

Director of Client Services

Stephen is the Director of Client Services at Turning Point Partners, a highly experienced business manager, consultant and deliverer of value to organisations and their people.

With firsthand experience in navigating career change and over 30 years in business and people development, Stephen is passionate about helping our clients thrive as they experience periods of change, transition and as they pursue important goals.

Affectionately known as ‘make it happen’ Harris, Stephen has helped hundreds of businesses experience significant year on year growth as a result of his involvement and has helped even more individuals live a fulfilled and purpose-driven life.

Enjoying a fluid work-life balance, when Stephen isn’t busy developing and enhancing client relationships, he consumes books, researches and writes about lessons learned, new thinking, and where the Australian work landscape might be heading (holding a position as Research Director for Business Acumen Magazine) and after all that Stephen loves to spend time with his wife and the kids when they are around.

Theresa Bowers

Finance Manager

Theresa is the Finance Manager at Turning Point Partners and a specialist in financial diagnostics, cash flow management and accounting.

ACCA Professional Qualification
Advanced GNVQ Business & Finance

As a qualified accountant and fellow of the ACCA, Theresa has over twenty years experience in commercial and private accounting and extensive knowledge in financial reporting, account reconciliations, stock control, account review, management and maintenance, financial modelling, and month-end and year-end financial accounts.

Known for her methodical approach to businesses financials and her love of order, Theresa still gets a thrill every time the balance sheet balances. Believing that actions speak louder than words, Theresa’s work speaks for itself with her knowledge, skills and experience playing a pivotal role in the formation and ongoing growth of Turning Point Partners.

When she isn’t busy with numbers, Theresa loves spending time with her three children, dancing the night away doing Latin or Ballroom Dancing, working out, reading and visiting the theatre.