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Let’s face it; managing human beings is anything but easy. Combine this with a rapidly transforming business landscape, and it’s easy to see why you can face many challenges as a HR Manager.

Here at Turning Point, we know and understand the pressures and stressors you are under and just how important your role is within an organisation. That is why we are here to help. Whether you are experiencing growth, change or downturn, here you will find how we can support and help you with looking after your greatest assets – your people.

So, tell us. How can we help you best?

We need to strengthen our organisation by developing and supporting our leaders.

In our experience, the most successful organisations are the ones who identify, develop, support and invest in their future leaders.

With this in mind, you will want to check out our leadership development programs and executive coaching that have been designed to increase proficiency, productivity, performance and profitability of leaders.

We need help to transition our ageing workforce successfully into retirement.

Retirement can be one of the most anticipated life changes – but also one that is fraught with concerns.

Head to managing employee retirement to find out how you can help your ageing workforce make a smooth and fulfilling transition, and ensure your organisation is stronger after they leave.

We are restructuring and want to organise outplacement services for our transitioning team.

Outplacement is a great way to safeguard your reputation and ensure employees have a seamless transition into their next role.

Head to outplacement to find out more about our outplacement programs and outplacement support.

We need an outplacement program that is designed for c-suite executives and business leaders.

To ensure leaders and C-suite executives are equipped to thrive in the highly competitive job market, we have developed the Executive Accelerator Program.

To find out more head to executive outplacement.

We are going through a major restructure, and I need to organise onsite career assistance.

For businesses that are closing down or significantly downsizing, we offer onsite Career Centres that provide group workshops and individual support to help staff manage and cope with periods of considerable change.

For more information on this, please call us on us on 1300 27 83 45.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our clients say


Queensland Rail has had a long-standing relationship with Turning Point Partners – who have provided support for significant transformational reform and change. Major restructuring has included downsizing by more than 500 employees, during a challenging period of government mandated ‘no forced’ redundancies. On short notice, they were able to provide on-site consultants to support our Managers with communicating change during difficult times.

 We view the team as trusted advisors who have worked closely with our HR team to manage organisational change. Turning Point Partners’ consultants are as comfortable working with the Board and Senior Executives as they are with our frontline leaders in the field. Their ability to understand the business imperatives for change and to support our leaders and employees is highly valued

Director - Human Resources, Queensland Rail

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