If you do a Google search for ‘outplacement providers’, you will quickly discover hundreds of companies offering outplacement programs. But buyer beware, not all outplacement programs are created equal.

In a sea of providers, how do you make sure you get the best value for money while giving your redundant employees access to the best content? Here are five questions to ask outplacement providers to make sure you are comparing apples with apples when it comes to outplacement services.

Are your outplacement programs designed for Australian job seekers?

Many of the big outplacement providers in Australia are global companies; this means that much of their content will have an international focus. It makes commercial sense for it to be that way. While some of the content will still have relevance here, there is no denying that we Aussies have a different way of doing things and the recruitment process is no different.

To ensure your impacted staff get the greatest advantage, make sure the outplacement program you select has been specifically designed for the Australian market.

Will employees have a dedicated career coach?

Restructuring and workplace change, particularly involuntary redundancy, can turn lives upside down. It makes sense then that the last thing that employees need is more disruption and upheaval by having multiple people handling their outplacement.

Redundant employees need to build rapport and establish a bond with one coach to get consistent, personalised support from someone who knows who they are and what they want to achieve.

How long will employees have access to the content?

While personal coaching sessions will naturally come to an end, there is no reason your employees shouldn’t continue to have access to the content that will help them secure a new job.

In a highly competitive job market, your transitioning employees may not be able to secure a job immediately and will need ongoing help. You can ensure they have the best opportunity by choosing an outplacement program that has open-ended access to the content.

Do you offer flexible programs that align with different roles and career goals?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to outplacement. Different roles require different support, guidance, resources and positioning through the recruitment process. Similarly, not all employees are going to rush to get the same role. Some may consider early retirement, others may want to explore entrepreneurship or consulting, and some might want to change position or industry entirely.

For this reason, you must choose an outplacement provider that offers different outplacement programs to meet different needs.

Do you offer a guarantee?

One of the best indicators of high-quality providers – in any industry – is a guarantee. When a company is willing to stand behind what they do and wear the risk for you, you know they are confident in the value they provide and the solution they deliver.

Unlike many outplacement providers, if you were to ask these questions of Turning Point Partners, all of our answers would be yes. Our outplacement programs are designed by Australians for Australians. We provide your employees with a dedicated and accredited coach. We have flexible outplacement programs and open-ended access to the content. And what’s more, we have a service promise – we do what we say we are going to do, or you don’t pay. Simple.

Need an outplacement provider that you can depend on? Call us today on 1300 27 83 45.