Managing Employee Retirement

A smooth transition into retirement.

Managing Employee Retirement

As 5.5 million ageing workers reach and approach retirement age, we are facing a crucial turning point in the workforce. Are you and your ageing employees ready for their transition into retirement?

Retirement can be one of the most anticipated life-changing life events in a person’s life. But while many people look forward to retirement at different times in their life, with usually fifty plus years in the workforce, the thought of suddenly not working can be fraught with many concerns.

As an employer, you have the opportunity of helping your ageing workforce make a smooth and fulfilling transition into retirement, and you have the challenge of ensuring your organisation is stronger after they leave.

This challenge can be made harder by the need to exercise caution when talking to employees about their retirement plans. But the way around this can be providing employees with the support they need to consider all of the options available to them and a readily available retirement program for those who are planning their exit from the workforce.

Our Pathways to Retirement Program offers practical advice for transitioning employees and helps them plan effectively for retirement and review future employment options with the support of a career coach.

Through the Pathways to Retirement Program employees will discover how they can:

  • Leave a legacy in the workplace

  • Find purpose beyond work

  • Confirm they are financially fit and ready for retirement

  • Handle relationship changes

  • Discover hidden passions and interests

  • Manage and plan their extra time

Protecting your organisation through retirement transition

Through the Pathways to Retirement program, we also work alongside you as an employer to protect your organisation through the retirement transition. Long-term employees naturally have a deeper level of business knowledge, a greater understanding of how their role impacts others and stronger relationships with clients, employees and suppliers.

With this in mind, we help you create opportunities for knowledge transfer and mentoring to maintain business continuity and grow stronger after ageing employees have transitioned into retirement.


Our Clients are the best people to explain how we deliver results. To contact any of our current clients for a referral, please call us on 1300 278 345 and we’ll be happy to pass on the details.

Komatsu has used Donington (Qld) now Turning Point Partners over a number of years to support us with several major downsizing and change management initiatives. In a major restructuring this year, involving approximately 200 employees we engaged the Donington (Qld) to coordinate consultants in various locations around Australia to support our staff. The team was able to do this at very short notice to meet the demands of the large numbers. They provided valuable feedback on a monthly basis which our senior management appreciated.

Following our recent project, I would highly recommend the TPP team to manage any large downsizing project that requires quality consultants in multiple locations.

National People Development and Systems Manager, Komatsu

Queensland Rail has had a long-standing relationship with Donington (Qld) – now Turning Point Partners – who have provided support for significant transformational reform and change. Major restructuring has included downsizing by more than 500 employees, during a challenging period of government mandated ‘no forced’ redundancies.
The team provided support throughout Queensland including remote locations. On short notice, they were able to provide on-site consultants to support our Managers with communicating change during difficult times.
We view the TPP team as trusted advisors who have worked closely with our HR team to manage organisational change. In particular, feedback has been received from staff thanking them for the support they had received.
Turning Point Partners’ consultants are as comfortable working with the Board and Senior Executives as they are with our frontline leaders in the field. Their ability to understand the business imperatives for change and to support our leaders and employees is highly valued.

Director - Human Resources, Queensland Rail

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