Significant time and strategy go into creating a valuable employment brand, but the need to transition staff due to change or downturn can cause uncertainty both inside and outside of your organisation, putting it all at risk.

The key to safeguarding your reputation is to understand that your role as a great employer doesn’t end when an employee’s contract does; it’s proven in the way you respect, support and look out for the future of your employees – even when that future is no longer with your company.

At Turning Point Partners we ensure you part on good terms with your staff, providing onsite support through our Career Transition Centres and tailored outplacement programs that help former staff transition into the job market, empower their journey into entrepreneurship or prepare them for retirement.

Safeguard your employment brand with leading outplacement programs

Let’s be honest; outplacement services can often feel like a grudge purchase when you or your surviving staff don’t get to see any direct benefit from the programs and coaching. But the truth is you do; it can just be hidden under the guise of business-as-usual.

The preventative nature of outplacement means that the results aren’t found in what you gain as an organisation, but rather what you avoid – unfair dismissal claims, complaints, workplace conflict and defamatory posts and rumours. It’s what doesn’t happen in your organisation after a change that will tell you whether your career transition and outplacement programs have been successful.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients and participants say:

Queensland Rail has had a long-standing relationship with Turning Point Partners (Formerly Donington (Qld)) who have provided support for significant transformational reform and change. Major restructuring has included downsizing by more than 500 employees, during a challenging period of government mandated ‘no forced’ redundancies. The team provided support throughout Queensland including remote locations. On short notice, they were able to provide on-site consultants to support our Managers with communicating change during difficult times.
Director of Human Resources, Queensland Rail
I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the support you have given me. You have helped me enormously in finding a new position in the workforce. I haven’t had to look for a job in a while, boy have things changed. Your very practical approach has enabled me to gain the skills and techniques necessary to find employment. I sent out four resumes to receive two interviews, and found that I am now in a role where I am earning almost twice that of my last position. Thanks for your friendly assistance.
Technician, Energy Industry


Whatever the industry, position or life stage your team is in, our leading career transition and outplacement programs will give your staff an edge in their chosen career path.

Delivered online, in groups and one-on-one with a highly experienced career coaches, transitioning staff are equipped with the skills, knowledge and emotional resilience they need to make their next career move.


Understanding that change affects all members of your organisation, we turn our focus inward to support your remaining staff, build resilience, increase engagement, and transform your culture to ensure your business continues even better than usual.

Protect your employment brand by giving transitioning staff the outplacement support they need, call us today on 1300 278 345.

Creating Momentum

Outplacement Programs

Our on-site Career Transition Centres are designed for companies who are closing down or significantly downsizing.

During periods of change, individuals require differing levels of support. By organising a combination of group workshops and individual support sessions, our on-site Career Transition experts ensure your employees have the skills, knowledge and emotional resilience to move forward on their chosen path.

The Passport2Success® Employees Flagship Program is designed to equip employees at all levels (blue collar to middle management) with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully transition from one position to the next.
The Versatile™ Manager Program is designed to meet the specific needs of managers facing imminent career change.
The Executive Accelerator Program is designed to help C-suite executives who are facing redundancy or returning to Australia from expat assignments, prepare for their next career move.
The Entrepreneurial Program helps employees of all levels develop the knowledge, skills and personal attributes needed for self employment, whether it be through contract work, consulting, owning a franchise or managing their own small business enterprise.
The Retirement Program offers practical advice on the pathway to retiring and helps transitioning employees review future income options.