Organisations succeed by identifying, developing and retaining the best talent and leaders – but how do you know you have found them? Here are five characteristics to help you identify the next generation of leaders to secure the success of your organisation now and in the future.


The next generation of leaders will show great conviction. Conviction in their personal values and beliefs, in your organisation’s values and mission and the ideas and solutions they put forward. Their certainty and confidence will often cause others to take notice and act based on their opinions. Conviction is important because it builds trust and confidence, it ensures leaders are grounded and authentic in their approach, passionate in their pursuit of excellence and committed to their convictions.


Once influence came with a leadership position in a company, now it is a prerequisite to getting one. You will spot your next generation of leaders by their influence, not only in the size of their networks and social networks but by the way they can use them. How well they communicate with others outside their network will also give them away. Watch them on a team where others disagree with their opinion; this will give you great insight into their ability to persuade and influence the opinions of others. An upcoming leader will understand that relationships underpin every business transaction and that while it is good to be known, it means nothing without respect.


The next generation of leaders will also understand the power of collaboration; they are true team players, though don’t depend on the team to get their work done. While they are ambitious and driven, they are also happy to share in the credit, being quick to praise others and slow to praise themselves. When an upcoming leader speaks, people listen, and when they ask people for help or delegate tasks, other team members are more likely to do it willingly.


Great leaders show a strong sense of integrity. They would rather do what is right then what will progress their career faster. This can at times make the next generation of leaders harder to spot; you may need to depend on your team to find them. As they have strong ethics and integrity, they will be dependable, honest and accountable. They will be the person people come to in a crisis or with a task or project of high importance. They are diligent workers and are not afraid to own their mistakes and apologise when something goes wrong. To get people with high integrity on your radar ask your team members who they trust.


All great leaders have a level of charisma. People are naturally drawn into their presence and admire them. Your next generation of leaders will be bold without being brash and proud without being pompous. They will know how to schmooze and charm but will do it in an authentic, genuine way.

They naturally build a following of people, because they make people feel important, intelligent and valued. To them, every opinion counts and because of that people will often value their opinion over others. While not every next generation of leader will embody all of these qualities, they will have many. Look for ways you can draw them out to find those hidden leaders who could make a real difference to your organisation.

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