With innovation driving business and disrupting a growing number of industries, organisations need to be able to plan and respond to change swiftly and effectively. But with much debate around the need for change management versus change leadership, how do you know which approach will ensure your company is up for the challenge?

Change management

The basis of change management is to keep change under control. To minimise disruptions and distractions, overcome resistance, ensure budgets and timeframes are met and reduce the pain associated with change.

Change Management is about planning, organising, directing resources and problem-solving. All necessary elements when we find ourselves in the thick of change.

But if we always position our organisation in the reactive role of managing or controlling change, while we may manage it well, we will always be one step behind and be more at risk of change fatigue.

Change leadership

Unlike change management, change leadership is more responsive. It considers emerging trends, customer needs and the business environment, and drives change that is needed to maintain an industry leading business.

There is energy and empowerment in change leadership. Actively seeking change for improvement, change leadership harnesses the power of your vision, people and processes to drive sustainable transformation through your organisation.

Given the need for innovation to stay relevant to customers and ahead of competitions, there is no question that organisations need to embrace and develop more skills around change leadership. But is it really a case of choosing one approach over another?

An unlikely partnership

While it can be easy to say that one approach is more important than the other, the truth is there is a place for both change management and change leadership within your organisation. Each approach has something to teach the other.

To truly future-proof our organisations and become more change-ready we need to master both approaches and be able to discern when each approach is needed.

Do you use both change management and change leadership in your organisation or do you value one approach over the other?

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