How far have we really come with gender equality? For some time there has been a lot of buzz around equal gender representation in the boardroom but have the numbers really changed?

Many organisations don’t view gender equality as their number one priority over other corporate issues for better business development and growth. Changes also need to begin within the boardroom and executive leaders, which can then take several years to implement with success. Major transformation efforts require steady, broad-based interventions over time.

Gender inequality is a multifaceted, entrenched global issue. However, in a recent Adweek report, Karen Kaplan, chairman and CEO of Hill Holliday mentions, companies can “significantly gain by having more women serve on corporate boards, influencing from the top not the bottom”.

“The value of this shift in perspective is priceless, and CEOs should ignore it at their own peril,” she says adding that “Instead of waiting for more male Fortune 500 CEOs to get around to modernising their corporate boards and considering women directors, let’s pivot. Let’s get more women to actively pursue those board seats.”


Source: McKinsey Quarterly,