The Harvard Business Review article caught our attention and made us think. Why DO We Love To Hate HR? Mark Brand Director and Executive Principle had some distinct questions on the topics raised.

How do we want the professional voice of the HR function to be heard?

What really needs to change in the way that HR advice – in the contemporary world of HR Business Partnering – is delivered to the organization?

What is the right balance between thoughts of highly respected individuals like Ricardo Semler from Semco Partners, where less HR is more and organisations can find and maintain cultural balance to a more prescriptive and regulated environment?

The proof, regardless of the approach, is always going to be in the measured outcome.

At Turning Point Partners, we believe that good organisations are built with the right mix of process, structure, imagination and risk-taking. The right mix is what feels right in our customers own organisation. We see our role as one where we can guide and partner with our customers, based on more than 40 years’ experience. No one solution is perfect, nor should you confuse ‘off-the-shelf’ with bespoke. Our team encourage you to read the HBR article, use it as a conversation starter in HR teams and in Leadership teams and craft a solution that will bring long term success; sometimes with a few bumps and bruises along the way.