Gone are the days where top candidates eagerly await to hear from an employer. Now, thanks to skill shortages, workplace needs and technology advances, the very best candidates are in the position of power, often being able to choose the organisation they work for after receiving multiple job offers.

With attracting and retaining the best talent becoming even more critical to the growth and success of your organisation, now is the time to gain a competitive edge by building your organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice.

To help here are the top four things you need to know to build an enviable employment brand.

1. Make the right impression through the recruitment process

Candidates need to be treated like customers and have a genuinely enjoyable experience through recruitment. Dan Jones, from Team Finder, says, “Your recruitment process should be online, efficient and to a certain degree automated while still allowing personal contact to build rapport and interest for the candidate, as well as opportunities for you to properly evaluate each applicant.”

He also advises that to keep candidates engaged through the recruitment process you need to keep applicants informed, even if it is a quick email to say “Your application is still active, as soon as we know more we’ll let you know.”

2. Create opportunities for growth and development

Employees and potential employees want to know that they can grow both personally and professionally in your organisation. Research has shown that developing your employees can reduce stress and conflict, minimise absenteeism and mistakes, and create a happier workplace where people feel secure and appreciated.

By providing the opportunity to grow and rise through your organisation, you empower your team to grow into their full potential and give them the motivation to work harder.

3. Develop, train and retain your leaders

Your organisation will only ever be as strong as the people leading it. If you want to continue to grow and make a lasting impact in the marketplace, you need to identify, develop and invest in your future leaders.

Two ways you can do this is through leadership development and executive coaching. Leadership development programs can be fully customised to your organisation or leaders needs and help to develop critical skills, leadership capability and deliver on your strategy.

Executive coaching can do this too but has the added benefit of one-on-one support from an experienced leader, who can talk through challenges, identify opportunities and offer tools and strategies to become a better business leader.

4. Ensure employees end on good terms

We know that sometimes things don’t work out to plan. Going the extra mile in providing outplacement services or employee retirement assistance can go a long way in maintaining the goodwill amongst both transitioning and surviving employees.

By showing surviving employees that you care what support is provided to them after they leave, you can inspire greater loyalty, increase retention – and help them get back to business as usual quickly after a change or restructure.

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