While the effects of change can be felt throughout your organisation, your bottom line can often be hit the hardest. With a reduction in productivity and motivation, and in some cases a lack of confidence from both customers and staff, your sales can start to suffer.  But with change inevitable and sales crucial to both the survival and success of your business, how do you build a strong high performing sales team in the midst of change?

Build confidence through communication

To sell confidently and effectively, your sales team needs certainty and clarity – two factors that are often disrupted by change. One of the key ways to maintain this is to be transparent in your communication.

Inform your sales team about changes and developments and why they need to occur. They will, after all, be the ones who have to answer customer questions and concerns. If there is a level of uncertainty around the change you are experiencing, direct their attention to what is certain – the problem you solve, who you solve it for and why you solve it.

Build capability through training

Even the most confident salesperson can be rocked by change. With this in mind, it is important to build the capability and confidence of your sales team through sales training.

Make continuous learning part of your company culture by giving your sales team opportunities to further their product knowledge, gain deeper competitive intelligence and develop greater sales and negotiation skills.

Build motivation through incentives

Incentives can be a powerful way to keep your sales team motivated through change. It could be job-related perks, bonuses, gifts or even experiences depending on what will motivate your team best.

If you find your sales team work well when there is a sense of competition and urgency, consider displaying the number of deals closed or the dollar value of sales set by each of your team members openly on a whiteboard.

Build momentum through systems

Systems drive behaviour. The more streamlined and automated your sales systems are the easier it is for your sales team to track leads, make sales and monitor their performance.

Change can bring a lot of confusion around roles and responsibilities. With a clear and effective sales framework, your team can perform at a high level, increase their prospects and conversions, boost your bottom line and help you build a scalable, highly adaptable organisation even through change.


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