Are you ready to take your Passport 2 Success?


Success means different things to different people.

From finding the perfect work/life balance to setting your sights on the top job or planning a structured path to retirement.

“For ambitious, talented executives working in dynamic global businesses, big career transitions—to new roles, organisations, industries, or geographic locations—are a fact of life. So is the need to constantly adapt to new technologies, work groups, strategies, and ways of thinking and behaving.”

Linda Brimm from the Harvard Business Review shares her framework consisting of the 7 C’s in navigating your way through career change.

  • Complexity—considering all the issues at play in a change effort
  • Clarity—understanding and prioritizing those issues
  • Confidence—believing that the change can be made successfully
  • Creativity—brainstorming innovative solutions to problems that arise
  • Commitment—taking the first steps to implement the change
  • Consolidation—leaving the previous identity to adopt the new one
  • Change—living into the change and its consequences

Here at Turning Point Partners’ we share a similar framework offering personalised executive coaching expertise takes business leaders through every phase of career development – aligning personal and professional goals, ensuring that you maintain control of key career decisions.

This framework consists of 3 core pillars; Organisational, Career Momentum and Sales Momentum;

Organisational Momentum

What does your company need to get it moving in the right direction? We can help you make it happen.

Career Momentum

We provide the skills and resources you need to take the next step – up the ladder or down a different path.

Sales Momentum

Missing your customer service mojo? Kickstart major sales growth with our best-practice programs.

Change for all professionals require a complex analysis of both career and personal objectives and scenarios. Those who have mastered successful change have adopted similar frameworks and stuck with it. Likewise with the 7 C’s It is our goal is to create the momentum necessary for sustainable success.

Are you ready to take your Passport 2 Success?


Source: September 2015 issue (pp.108–110, 112) of Harvard Business Review.