During high periods of growth and change, you need new employees to hit the ground running. While urgent hires and quick transitions can certainly help you cope in the short-term, your culture and the retention, engagement and productivity of new employees can suffer in the long-term if shortcuts to the onboarding process are made.

New and newly transitioned employees need support, clarity and direction in their new roles, and if they don’t receive it from you, chances are they will find it with a competitor.

At Turning Point Partners we help you get the onboarding process right and avoid costly errors by seamlessly assimilating new or transitioned employees into their role quickly and easily.

To facilitate your change in the short-term and increase productivity, engagement and performance in the long-term, our tailored onboarding coaching programs take into consideration the challenges facing new and transitioned employees including:

  • Business orientation
  • Stakeholder connection
  • Alignment of expectations
  • Cultural adaptation

To ensure your new staff are effective in their new role quickly, call us today on 1300 278 345.

Creating Momentum

Outplacement Programs

Our on-site Career Transition Centres are designed for companies who are closing down or significantly downsizing.

During periods of change, individuals require differing levels of support. By organising a combination of group workshops and individual support sessions, our on-site Career Transition experts ensure your employees have the skills, knowledge and emotional resilience to move forward on their chosen path.

The Passport2Success® Employees Flagship Program is designed to equip employees at all levels (blue collar to middle management) with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully transition from one position to the next.
The Versatile™ Manager Program is designed to meet the specific needs of managers facing imminent career change.
The Executive Accelerator Program is designed to help C-suite executives who are facing redundancy or returning to Australia from expat assignments, prepare for their next career move.
The Entrepreneurial Program helps employees of all levels develop the knowledge, skills and personal attributes needed for self employment, whether it be through contract work, consulting, owning a franchise or managing their own small business enterprise.
The Retirement Program offers practical advice on the pathway to retiring and helps transitioning employees review future income options.